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Clinical Quality Management Committee

The CQM Committee reviews Ryan White Program (RWP) subrecipient issues that need to be addressed, prioritizes
which issues or measures will be part of the CQM process for the year, and re-prioritizes the issues as needed.
The CQM Committee develops the timeline to complete Quality Improvement (QI)-related Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles,
identifies the resources needed to complete the PDSA cycles and evaluations, and provides direction for the QI activities.

CQM Committee Membership

The Miami-Dade County Office of Management and Budget-Grants Coordination (OMB) is the Ryan White Program Recipient.  Behavioral Science Research Corporation (BSR) is the Recipient’s contracted CQM subrecipient. The Clinical Quality Management Committee is comprised of Ryan White Program providers and clients acting in an advisory capacity to both OMB and BSR.

Membership is voluntary and open to providers, clients, and other community stakeholders.

The CQM Committee meets monthly via Zoom.  People with HIV are encouraged to participate. For more information, please contact Susy Martinez, MSW, Quality Management Coordinator at Behavioral Science Research Corporation,

Chair: Jose Ortega
Vice Chair: Jasmin O’Neale-Lewis
CQM Committee Contact: Susy Martinez

CQM Committee Mission

  1. Evaluate performance data from Ryan White Program subrecipients to identify quality improvement (QI) opportunities;
  2. Prioritize (or re-prioritize) those opportunities for maximum impact on improving service to RWP clients;
  3. Apply QI analytical tools to identify root causes and potential areas for QI initiatives by subrecipients;
  4. Oversee Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycles of QI implementation by the subrecipients;
  5. Measure the impact of these QI initiatives on improving service delivery and client outcomes; and
  6. Other duties such as reviewing and adjusting RWP performance indicators, serving as a CQM resource to the Recipient, and evaluating the work of the Recipient and BSR in creating a culture of Quality Improvement in the Ryan White Program.
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