Oral Health Care Work-group

On April 14, 2014, the Partnership dissolved the Oral Health Care Subcommittee and created an ad hoc committee with a two year term. In April 2016, the hoc term ended and the Oral Health Care Workgroup was created for one year. An extension for the workgroup was requested for an additional year which will start in May 2017.

All suggestions and feedback from, and work of the workgroup must be presented first to the Care and Treatment Committee for review, and then to the Partnership for approval.

Who We Are

  • Chair: Manuel Casas, D.M.D.

A workgroup of the Care & Treatment Committee. Our members are oral health care professionals, community members and people living with HIV/AIDS. Our vision is to eliminate disparities and improve health outcomes for all people living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS.

What We Do

  • Evaluate the Partnership’s Oral Health Care program in Miami-Dade County, including quality assurance and improvement efforts and make recommendations for improvements
  • Make recommendations regarding the Ryan White Program Oral Health Care Formulary
  • Recommend treatment guidelines and standards of care for Ryan White Oral Health Care providers in Miami-Dade County


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