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April 2017 Provider Forum Material

Care Resource: Primary Care / Behavioral Health Integration – Thomas Smith

Viral Load Protocol Review – Francisco Sastre

FOCUS: Routine HIV/HCV Screening & Linkage to Care Program – Giselle Gallo & Jackie Escobar

Ryan White Program Report Card – Francisco Sastre

Update on the Florida Needle Exchange Program – Hansel Tookes

January 2017 Provider Forum Material

2017 – ACA 2017 enrollment update – Provider Forum January 2017_Francisco Sastre

National Quality Center South Florida Regional Group Update_Judy Popkin

Outcomes of Transition to Adult HIV Perinatally HIV-infections among Black and Hispanic Young Adults_Susan Biersteker

Strategic Communications to Prevent HIV Infections among Black and Hispanic Young Adults_Elena Sebekos

October 2016 Provider Forum Material

October Forum Agenda

CTL-Linkage to Care process – Sandra Estevez

Data to Care overview – Camille Persaud

FDOH Test and Treat – David Rigg

Ryan White Program – SITE VISIT Program Tool Overview & Review of Process 2016

July 2016 Provider Forum Material

July 2016 Forum Agenda

2016 Statewide Needs Assessment Survey for PLWHA – Maya Luetke

Healthcare Providers’ Perceptions of Couples HIV Testing in South Florida – Natalie Leblanc

NHBS-MSM4 – David Forrest

We Walk You Through It – Sharrada Wright

April 2016 Provider Forum Material

April 2016 Forum Agenda

Role of Racial-Ethnic Neighborhood Concentration and Poverty on Racial Disparities in Linkage to HIV care – Mary Jo Trepka

Same Day HIV Testing and Treatment Pilot to Improve Retention in Care in a Federally Qualified Health Care Center – Barbara Kubilus

Florida Dept. of Health-Miami-Dade HIV Test and Treat Pilot Project – James Guest

Analysis of the Affordable Care Act Client Enrollment Process for the Ryan White Part A and ADAP Programs in Miami-Dade County – Francisco Sastre

Obstacles to the Cure of HIV Infection – Dr. Mario Stevenson

January 2016 Provider Forum Material

January 2016 Forum Agenda

Feedback on CDC/HRSA HIV Prevention and Care and Treatment Integrated Plan for Miami-Dade County – Robert Ladner

2014 Miami-Dade HIV Perinatal Cases – Queen Holden

Targeted Outreach for Pregnant Women Act (TOPWA) at Borinquen Healthcare Center – Naylise Sifonte

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Implementation in an FQHC setting – Joey Wynn

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