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Women, Children & Students

  • The Public Health Approach to Preventing Violent Crime* Public Health Degrees website featuring: What Are the Effects of Community Violence on Public Health? Community Violence and Childhood Trauma; Violent Crime in Marginalized Communities; Public Health and Violence Prevention; and Resources on Violence Prevention.
  • Targeted Outreach for Pregnant Women Act (TOPWA) was created in 1999 to reach HIV-infected pregnant women or high risk pregnant women who are not receiving services.
    • TOPWA Borinquen Medical Centers Facebook Page* We are all currently facing challenging times with the current pandemic. In efforts to still provide our TOPWA services to patients in need, we invite you to please share our current Facebook page to patients that can benefit from it. On the page, we are sharing information on local events, food drives, and COVID-19. In addition we will be having a virtual baby shower and raffling baby items. We want this Facebook page to bring new and existing moms a shine of hope during this pandemic.
    • Florida Department of Health TOPWA Page*
  • HIV: Protecting the Health of All Women* ( blog) Though we have made tremendous progress in protecting the health of women and girls from HIV, they are still significantly impacted and continue to face challenges and barriers in accessing care, and disparities in outcomes.
  • DCF Program Updates: Changes to SNAP Household Monthly Benefit Allotments*  Florida is no longer in a State of Emergency, and per federal guidelines, as of August 1, 2021, Florida is no longer eligible to offer the maximum monthly allotments. As a result, beginning August 1, 2021, the calculation of SNAP eligibility and benefit amounts will be based on the household size, household gross income, and expenses paid.
  • FIU Center for Children and Families
    • Programs For Elementary-Aged Kids With Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    • Programas Descripción Para Niños De Primaria Con Trastorno Por Déficit De Atención E Hiperactividad (TDAH)
    • (305) 348-1303
  • Notifying the Health Department of HIV Positive Pregnant Women It is necessary for Miami-Dade County Health Department to be notified as soon as a pregnant woman’s HIV status is determined in order to ensure and help facilitate the coordination of her care. It is understood that your facility may be able to provide care to HIV infected women during pregnancy. However, it is the suggestion of the Department of Health and Miami-Dade County Health Department that all pregnant women in Miami-Dade County that are diagnosed with HIV receive specialized care through the UM PRIMM clinic (Perinatal Immunology) located at 1490 NW 10 Street, Miami, FL. There is also a suggestion for the HIV positive pregnant woman to receive TOPWA services (Targeted Outreach for Pregnant Women Act) through Borinquen Health Care.
    • Click here for details on Notifying the Health Department of HIV Positive Pregnant Women
    • Click here for the High Risk Pregnancy Notification Form
    • Click here* for the FDOH TOPWA webpage
    • Click here* for AIDSinfo Updated Fact Sheet: Preventing Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV
  • Free Family Wellness Programs (YWCA) for Women (2021)

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Click here for details on posting to AIDSNET and the Community Newsletter.

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