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Medical Case Management Training:

The Medical Case Management trainings are held the second Tuesday and Thursday of every month for Ryan White Program Medical Case Managers and Peer Educators. The team-based approach is designed to address system-wide standards of care, skills building activities, case studies, and team building workshops to enhance the learning experience among medical case managers and peer educators.

Medical Case Management Supervisor Trainings:

The Medical Case Management Supervisor trainings are held quarterly during the fiscal year (May, August, November, February) for program managers, supervisors, and lead medical case managers. The trainings cover topics critical to developing effective management skills such as performance management, motivation, team development, interpersonal and communication skills, supervisory skills training and time management skills—everything you need to manage people effectively. The trainings also address the Ryan White Program Service Delivery Guidelines and Standards of Care for medical case management.

Basic Case Management Trainings:

An introduction to the Ryan White Program including the Service Delivery Guidelines and Medical Case Management Standards of Care are reviewed during the Basic Trainings. Medical Case Managers and Peer Educators entering the Ryan White Program will receive an overview of the basic/core training elements for medical case management, the basics of HIV, community-wide service system and community resources.

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