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Orientation & Training

This page includes Get On Board! and New Member Orientation and Training notices, presentations, and supporting documents.

Get on Board! is a monthly training series coving topics such as New Meeting Procedures, Understanding Monthly Reports, Recruitment Strategies, Ending the HIV Epidemic, Needs Assessment, Integrated Planning, and more!

New Member Orientation and Training is a Partnership and committee member requirement within three months of appointment. Staff facilitates New Member Orientation and Training on a quarterly basis. 

Paper copies are available by request: or 305-445-1076.

New Member Orientation

  • Part 1
    • Ryan White Legislation – What Every Planning Council Member Should Know
    • Legislative Context – Facts and Factors Important to Planning Councils/Bodies
  • Part 2
    • Roles and Responsibilities of Planning Councils
    • The Annual Planning Cycle
    • Planning Council (Miami-Dade HIV/AIDS Partnership) Operations
  • Part 3
    • Local Planning Council
    • Membership
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Partnership Processes
  • Part 4:
    • Data Elements & Planning Tools
    • Monthly Reports
    • Priority Setting and Resource Allocations (PSRA)

Get on Board!

Get on Board! A virtual education series for Miami-Dade HIV/AIDS Partnership members and the HIV/AIDS community.

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