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Drug & Alcohol Addiction


  • Florida’s State Opioid Response Project*
  •* Florida’s resources for people who misuse drugs and their loved ones: Find Naloxone; Overdose Education; Find Treatment; Get Involved; Prevention; Resources
  • Florida Department Of Health In Miami-Dade County Providing Lifesaving Naloxone To Reduce Substance Abuse Deaths  November 2, 2022: Miami, Fla. – The Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County (DOH-Miami-Dade) is announcing the availability of free Naloxone (Narcan) Nasal Spray kits. This lifesaving medication could reduce thousands of substance abuse deaths across the state. Naloxone is available to people who use drugs, people with a history of drug use, others at risk of experiencing an overdose, friends, family members, and others who may witness an overdose. Kits consist of two Naloxone nasal sprays that are administered even without a health care professional present . . . Contact: Office of Communication, (786) 336-1276.
  • Fentanyl Poster (FDOH DCF) Public Safety Alert: Fentanyl Kills – Signs of overdoes; what to do; where to get help.

Additional Resources 

  • Intersection Between Substance Use Disorder & HIV* (crosspost from By: Ranier Simons, ADAP Blog Guest Contributor. Drug use and drug abuse intersect many aspects of the health journey of substance users and those with substance use disorders. This includes HIV. The complex intersection of HIV and drug use affects HIV acquisition, treatment, and spread. To create solutions with the goal of better health outcomes for those dealing with HIV and substance abuse issues, it is necessary to research and understand how drug use affects the HIV trajectory. It is equally important to understand the barriers in place that hinder effective outreach and care. . .
  • HART: Health Alternatives Require Transitions Outpatient substance abuse counseling resource at The Village South. This project is funded by SAMHSA, not the local Ryan White Part A Program, but is an available resource for clients who would benefit from in-home counseling for substance use disorder.  You Can Receive $25, $50 & $100 Gift Cards.
  • New SAMHSA Guide Highlights HIV Prevention and Treatment for People with Substance Use and/or Mental Disorders* The HHS Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has released Prevention and Treatment of HIV Among People Living with Substance Use and/or Mental Disorders, a guidebook that addresses the co-occurrence of HIV and mental illness and/or substance use disorder and reviews effective programs and practices to prevent HIV and, for those with HIV, to increase linkage and retention to care in order to improve health outcomes. (February 2021)

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HIV Testing

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