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Behavioral Science Research Corporation (BSR) provides staff support to the Miami-Dade HIV/AIDS Partnership and its committees,
and Clinical Quality Management personnel for the Clinical Quality Management (CQM) Program, in cooperation with the
Miami-Dade County Office of Management and Budgets-Grants Coordination (OMB-GC).

Behavioral Science Research Corporation
2121 Ponce de Leon Boulevard
Suite 240
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone: (305) 443-2000
Fax: (305) 448-6825

BSR is easily accessible by Metrobus Routes #37 and #42, and by free Coral Gables Trolley from Douglas Road Metro Station.

We validate parking in our office building.


Miami-Dade County Office of Management
and Budgets – Grants Coordination

Ryan White Program
Stephen P. Clark Center
111 NW 1st Street
22nd Floor
Miami, FL 33128
Phone: (305) 375-4742
Fax: (305) 375-4454

Meet Our Team

Robert Ladner, PHD

Robert Ladner, PHD

Behavioral Science Research Corp. President / Ryan White Project Director

Contact Dr. Ladner:

Dr. Ladner brings over 45 years of experience in healthcare research and organizational development to the Ryan White Staff Support/Part A/MAI Quality Management activities. He was the head of the first Ryan White Title I evaluation, technical assistance and organizational development efforts in Miami-Dade County in the early 1990s, building on over 15 years of health care research, quality improvement and technical assistance experience before the Title I program was initiated, and has served as Project Director for the Ryan White Program work since 2006.

Dr. Ladner has overseen the Behavioral Science Research Corp. (BSR) health care systems research activities since its incorporation in 1975, conducting numerous needs assessments in substance abuse treatment, alcoholism treatment, mental health and HIV/AIDS, as well as creating and implementing quality assurance programs in acute care inpatient and outpatient settings for public and private hospitals.

He has published numerous research papers in statistical modeling of health outcomes, risk factors in HIV and implementation of Total Quality Management programs in industry, and is co-investigator on two Florida International University epidemiology research projects using Ryan White Program data to model risk factors, retention in care and viral load suppression. Dr. Ladner’s primary research focus at BSR is the Staff Support and Part A/Minority AIDS Initiative Quality Management aspects of this project.

Barbara M. Kubilus, M.P.A.

Associate Director

Bio coming soon!
Sandra Sergi, CCM

Sandra Sergi, CCM

Quality Management Coordinator

Ms. Sergi joined Behavioral Science Research Corp. (BSR) in October 2007 after working as a medical case manager and case manager supervisor in the Ryan White Program for 13 years, as well as providing independent medical case management to persons with HIV receiving Medicaid services under the former Project AIDS Care Waiver program. Her rich experience in Ryan White Program case management is a vital contribution to the Ryan White Program Clinical Quality Management program.

Ms. Sergi is the principal Clinical Quality Management applications trainer for Medical Case Managers and supervisors, and serves as the principal Clinical Quality Management technical assistance resource to these providers. She works closely with the Clinical Quality Management implementation in the Ryan White Program, assisting in the annual Affordable Care Act enrollment campaign and diagnosing service delivery Quality Improvement problems arising from this process.

Her Clinical Quality Management emphases are (1) improving the process of Ryan White Program Affordable Care Act co-insurance and ensuring that clients are able to effectively access non-Ryan White Program specialty care through the Affordable Care Act; and (2) ensuring that Ryan White Program clients entering through the Test and Treat/Rapid Access program are engaged and retained in care.

Susy Martinez, MSW

Susy Martinez, MSW

Quality Management Coordinator

Ms. Martinez joined the Ryan White staff in 2008, after six years’ experience in direct service counseling.  Currently she works as a Quality Management Coordinator where she has worked diligently to maximize the collaboration of stakeholders and increase client health outcomes through the restructuring of the Clinical Quality Management Committee and the Minority AIDS Initiative Clinical Quality Management Team with the goal of creating a culture of quality, improved client satisfaction and retention. Additionally, she provides ongoing technical assistance for Ryan White Program subrecipients, including the development of Quality Improvement training tools and Quality Improvement strategies focusing on the Model for Improvement.  Her principal Quality Improvement project is the development and testing of an “Early Warning” initiative, to “red flag” high risk clients at the point of intake, ultimately reducing dropout rates in subrecipients with high proportions of minority clients.

Ms. Martinez earned her Master of Social Work from FIU.  Prior to joining Behavioral Science Research Corp., she worked as a counselor where she conducted individual and family therapy that encompassed family stabilization, substance abuse support, HIV counseling for clients with co-morbidities, and the creation of treatment plans and assessments.

Jimmy Hernandez, M.S.

Jimmy Hernandez, M.S.

Clinical Quality Management Data Analyst

Mr. Hernandez joined the Behavioral Science Research Corp. (BSR) team in March 2021 as Clinical Quality Management Data Analyst.  He provides insightful data to the Miami-Dade Ryan White Program subrecipient Report Cards, creates ad hoc analysis, and provides data for Grant/Needs Assessment.

He has a B.S in Electrical Engineering from Florida International University (2012 to 2016) and worked as a Department of Defense Contractor for four years, 2017 to 2021, before transitioning to a data analyst role at BSR (first time as a data analyst).  He earned his M.S in Healthcare Informatics with a concentration in Data Analytics from University of South Florida (2019 to 2021).

Marlen Meizoso, M.A.

Project Manager/Research Associate

Ms. Meizoso has worked in the Miami-Dade HIV/AIDS Partnership and Committee infrastructure for more than 15 years, joining Behavioral Science Research Corp. (BSR) in June 2006.  As part of the team for Staff Support Services, she is responsible for providing liaison with all committee members for decision-making to the Care and Treatment Committee (including the annual needs assessment, service prioritization and Health Resources and Services Administration grant application budgeting), the Medical Care Subcommittee (responsible for all policies and formulary changes in medical care, pharmacy services and oral health), the Housing Committee (in coordination with the City of Miami Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Program), and the Partnership’s Executive Committee. She is responsible for training new Partnership and committee members, and in orienting new members to the annual needs assessment process.

Prior to coming to working with BSR, Ms. Meizoso was employed at William, Sterns and Associates (WSA) also working as Staff Support for the planning council and prior to her work at WSA, she was a pharmacy technician at a community pharmacy. Overall, Ms. Meizoso has more than 15 years of experience providing technical and medical knowledge in the community planning process.

Christina Bontempo

Christina Bontempo

Project Manager/Community Liaison

Ms. Bontempo began work as a Ryan White Program Planning Council Project Manager in 2004. She worked with Behavioral Science Research Corp. through 2011, worked briefly for the Broward Regional Health Planning Council, and rejoined the BSR Team in 2017. She serves as the principal staff resource to the Miami-Dade HIV/AIDS Partnership, the Community Coalition Roundtable, and the Prevention and Strategic Planning Committees whose work includes collaborations with the Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County on Integrated Planning and Ending the HIV Epidemic initiatives. She is the principal Partnership outreach officer, recruiting people with HIV and service providers through outreach at provider agencies, holding recruitment meetings in geographically dispersed locations throughout the County, and other recruitment activities.  She is co-facilitator with Marlen Meizoso of virtual recruitment and training sessions (Get on Board!), as well as training of new members on the intricacies of Ryan White Program Planning Council responsibilities.

Ms. Bontempo manages the Miami-Dade HIV/AIDS Partnership website (, social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), bi-weekly Community Newsletter, and brochure and marketing publications. She has participated as a trainer and presenter at provider agencies and community events and has received commendation for outstanding service and volunteer efforts in the HIV/AIDS community.

Morela Lucas

Morela Lucas

Office Administrator/Internal Accountant

Ms. Lucas has been with Behavioral Science Research Corp. (BSR) since December 2014.  She is responsible for BSR’s daily financial operations, strategic financial outlook, leadership and performance.  She plans, directs, coordinates and manages fiscal control activities with a thorough knowledge of fiscal and financial management practices and techniques, vast knowledge of federal guidelines for utilizing federal grant monies, and a working knowledge of principles, practices and methods of governmental budget formulation focusing on allowable expenditures, maintaining records in a centralized filing system. Her work at BSR includes the ability to determine overhead rates and formulate direct and indirect cost proposals, ensuring compliance with grant requirements, purchasing regulations, equipment inventory, and closing documents.

She provides direct assistance to the Program Director in the formulation and implementation of BSR’s policies and procedures as they affect the administration of grant projects.

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